I am a photographer, typographer, photo editor and digital artist. In my work I attempt to celebrate common objects of function through abstraction, transformation, magnification.  When seen up-close, all become nameless, free of identity and expectation. I find subject matter which has been reshaped or deconstructed to be more intriguing, less obvious. I strive to surprise, going to great lengths to make the ordinary extraordinary, whimsical, remarkable. Removed from known environments, these subjects exist only as their most basic elements- shape, form, color, texture. They lack intended purpose, but gain great visual importance. I work with these elements to make the forms more than they were before, pushing them into challenging, nontraditional shapes, giving them new structure and significance. I use water, paint, heat, my hands, my lens. I hope to bring interest and impact to the everyday object, appreciating and illustrating that in everything there is art.